Update: As of April 20th I joined Twitter as Public Policy manager for Spanish-speaking Latin America. This project is on hold for now. I'll try to keep updated the blog section –mostly the Spanish version. Follow me on Twitter

My work is in the crossroads between law and journalism; in the balance between freedom of expression and privacy; in the questions arising from the digitalization of our public debate. In this space I try to build bridges to foster debates, accompany processes or suggest solutions. 

I work with civil organizations, donors, universities and media outlets in topics related to media law, internet policy, freedom of expression and access to information, among others. My background as a lawyer and a journalist allows me to approach these issues with an interdisciplinary perspective. 

In Colombia I have advised journalists and media outlets on pre-judicial and judicial stages of constitutional and civil claims, and defamation actions. Beyond the public interest of journalism, people producing information face risks, and those involved in it face possible damages. These aspects can be addressed both before and after publication. 

The same can be said about applications and services for the digital environment. Many of these online initiatives are developed disregarding the risks related to information and data processing, which unfolds in the restriction of fundamental rights or specific damages to individuals. While many people think these situations can only be challenged through legal and judicial paths, the solution also lies in the very design stage of the application or service. A timely assessment in this stage can avoid negative impacts. 

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