The unresolved debate in Colombia about copyright protection on the Internet. The case of ‘Lleras Law’

On Monday April 4, 2011, the former Minister of Interior and Justice, German Vargas Lleras, arrived to the Senate Secretariat accompanied by a group of artists and a with draft law under his arm. “Those who continue using piracy, take back, because from here forward the theme of imprisonment and penalties will be applied rigorously,” said Vargas Lleras.

Most of the draft law (16 out 19 articles) envisaged the creation of an extra-judicial mechanism to remove from the Internet those contents -videos, music, text- uploaded or transmitted by users and that allegedly infringe copyright.

The threat of imprisonment for pirates as referred by Vargas Lleras was in one of the final articles of the proposal. Rather than creating a new offense, what it really did was to repeat -if anything, more specifically- the existing definition under the Colombian Penal Code.

Continue reading here. This is the English summary of a document originally published in Spanish (available here).