Mobile Internet in Colombia: Challenges and Opportunities for Civil Society

The objective of this document is to examine the process for auctioning spectrum for mobile services, a process known as the “4G Auction", which the Colombian government began in 2012 and concluded in June 2013. The idea is to take advantage of this window to take a closer look at public policies related to the mobile internet in Colombia, the context in which those policies are being made, and the institutions in charge of making them.

The paper is structured as follows: Chapter One describes three main indicators of mobile services (internet penetration, market composition, and quality); Chapter Two looks at public policy, including key elements related to institutional design and the implementation of regulations; Chapter Three describes the auction itself, emphasizing the debate that occurred in Congress and the conditions in which it unfolded; Chapter Four looks critically at civil society participation in the process; and Chapter Five closes with a number of considerations and conclusions related to the future work of civil society.

Download the document here.